8 Signs Your Inflatable Spas Need Repairs or Services

When inflatable spas start misbehaving, it might be a sign that you need to call a repairer. Although some of the issues have simple solutions, you can do them yourself. Still, there are complicated ones that require a professional touch.

8 Signs Your Inflatable Spas Need Repairs or Services
8 Signs Your Inflatable Spas Need Repairs or Services

When inflatable spas develop faults, the best thing is to quickly respond to the issue by attending to the necessary repairs and servicing. It’s pathetic that most people prefer to search online for some Do-It-Yourself solutions even when complicated problems arise – that could make things worse. 

Based on research, inflatable spas owners create major problems while attempting to solve the minor ones, which results in spending more at the end of the day. 

Although solving the problem yourself may seem faster and less expensive, it is better to invite an expert repairer for professional inspections and provide accurate solutions.

So how you know that your inflatable spa needs professional repairs or servicing. Here are the most common warning signs you need to observe.

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1. Algae

Sunshine is an enemy of inflatable spas. It is the reason why algae grow in those moist places. That might be bad news for those who place their inflatable spa in the garden with no cover. If you also fall into this category, except for a sudden slippery situation on your hands. 

Spa baths may become unenjoyable when algae begin to grow in the spa. Hence, you can’t afford to fold your hands. 

Can you stop algae from growing in your inflatable spa? Absolutely yes. Your best option is to keep the tour spa covered when it is not in use. You can also follow a weekly sanitation schedule to keep the water balanced.

If you don’t take your weekly maintenance schedule, you will see algae appearing on the walls of your spa even if you’d covered it.

If you follow this guide above and still notice the algae problem persists, check if you are not combining the wrong chemicals. If the chemicals are right, it’s a warning sign that you need to call for professional servicing.

2. Smelly water

Do you perceive an unpleasant odor in your inflatable spa? That could be a signal that your inflatable spa needs a professional repair. But then, it is good first to attempt to solve the issue yourself. You can engage in routine inflatable spa maintenance, which may include regular cleaning and chemical treatments. 

Moreover, lack of circulation is a significant reason why your water can become smelling. Poor circulation does not happen without malfunctioning spa drains, filters, or pumps, which is a solid reason always to check your drains, filter, and pumps. When the problem persists despite the constant checking, you need the service of a professional repairman.

3. Mold or mildew

These are types of fungi that show up as floating white slimes at the surface of your spa’s water. They can also appear as black or white patches on your inflatable spa’s wall. 

Meanwhile, it is easy to deal with mildew, but mold can become a stubborn threat to your spa. When you notice mildew in your inflatable spa, drain the water and use a cleaner to wipe the spa’s wall. 

For mold, things can get more complicated. Mold can show up in the spa’s jets, filters, or plumbing. It can also grow on the shell or cover. Once you suspect mold is growing in your inflatable spa, quickly call an expert repairer to attend to the situation from a professional perspective. That way, you will be saving yourself unnecessary expenses in the long run.

4. Murky water

The water in your inflatable spa should always be clean and clear. There is no reason for your spa water to become cloudy. Even if you are running the jets, the water should remain clean. Whenever it becomes foamy, you should stop using the spa until you have applied the right chemical to treat the water. 

However, suppose the water in your inflatable spa remains cloudy after applying water care products. In that case, that’s a good sign that you need professional spa servicing. You may try to drain the water, clean your spa thoroughly and rinse your filter. But, if the problem persists, let professionals help you to handle it.

5. Fluctuating temperature

The temperature of your inflatable spa should remain constant. Once you discover any irregularity in that aspect, you need to pay more attention. It is a brilliant idea to keep your inflatable spa covered when not in use. However, when your inflatable spa’s heater becomes faulty, that merely covering the inflatable spa might not count again. 

When this happens, invite a professional repairer to come and check the actual problem and make sure you do not use the spa until the problem solves. 

6. Leaks 

Sometimes, you will suddenly discover that some water is lying around your spa. Or, in some cases, you might notice your water level seem low. Water laying around your inflatable spa might be a result of a splash. Still, the water reduction in quantity could only mean your inflatable spa is leaking. 

Leaks are primarily a result of a hole in the spa itself. It can also be from a crack in the plumbing. Whichever the reason, the leak is not an issue you can solve on your own. Only the experts know the reasonable attempt to fix the problem without causing other damages. Even experts might have to test and retest to repair every leaking part of the spa in most cases. 

7. Faulty control panel

When the control panel of your inflatable spa begins showing error codes, so many problems are wrong at the same time. When it happens like that, it is not a time to be doing some trial and error or consulting one do-It-Yourself hint. It is solely a job of somebody who knows the ins and outs of inflatable spas

8 Signs Your Inflatable Spas Need Repairs or Services


Calling professional repairers to help fix your inflatable spa can be expensive. It is always ideal for taking a routine maintenance schedule to ensure your inflatable spa is in good condition. To prevent your inflatable spa from developing significant issues, have a regular cleaning schedule, use proper chemicals and ensure you drain your spa regularly.